Join the Osun River Ritual in London, during the Oshogba Festival. Honour Mami Osun for abundance, love, healing, and prosperity. Celebrate Mami Osun as the embodiment of sweet, flowing water, fertility and sacred honey.

What is The Annual Osun River Ritual?

The Annual Osun River Ritual takes place on the second Sunday of August in line with the two-week Osun Festival in Osogbo, Yorubaland, Nigeria. We gather at the Wandle River in the picturesque Morden Hall Park, South West London. 

Our Highlights

Osun River Clean Up Testimonials

"I had always wanted to find an authentic and meaningful approach and path into ecology and environmental work...The collaboration with Thames21 and their exceptional and caring team made it possible to fully enjoy participating and feeling I could ably assist, even with my mobility issues in the clean up activity. I've never seen so many dirty wet wipes, plastic, cans and that car tyre. Thank you for raising my awareness and showing me a great social occasion. A tribute I will never forget."

Juley Smith

"Being part of the river clean up is a powerful and practical testament to the ethos of 'start where you are to Change our World for Better."

Nicole-Rachelle Moore

“The foreshore is littered with so much wet wipes. I couldn't believe how impacting this is to the environment until I started to do the clean up. I now avoid using them where possible. As a make up artist, I realise I must take extra care to use less wipes in my work - and I will look for eco-friendly alternatives ”

Kathy Nanena
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